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Tangier’s most notable monuments


Ultras del Tánger (Dos mil tres “2003”)

One of the oldest and the top Ultras in Morocco, Mediterranean Africa and Arab world the forgotten Ultras de Tangier (Tanger)!
The main logos of the Ultras Tanger 2003
How can It be possible a legendary Ultras like this would be an history? while it’s a precious monument that everyone should cherish, personally I think the aggresive competition between ultras in Morocco trying to eliminate the old ones in ordrer to make themselves a name. Well, who doesn’t?
The legend says this “Publico” made an appearance in 2002, but the majority approved the ultras established in 2003, where there was no known ultras in Morocco, they made many appearance in big matches and on the TV, but most likely they rarely gone in away matches usually when hosted in Tangiers City.
The main characteristics of those Tangerians are the aggresivity towards everyone with no exeptions, even towards their own teams when they lose they start cursing the players, coach, the federation, the advesary… Everyone in their path, one of the dangerous Ultras ever.
The question that everyone ask, What happened to the people of this Ultras? Where are they now?
The answer is pretty weird, no one knows exactly why they disappeared, the only thing that everyone agree is that they lost interest when the team delegated to the secunda division in 2006-07, and that was the end of the story, It is to bad there is no much information about those amazing fans.
Actually, there is a hidden movement under the ground, there is a slight reaction in their pages especially on facebook, It is not really popular among the interested in those legends, not even the original people of Tangier but there is one thing for sure, and that the page is one hundred percent official. You can check it out, thought the language used is pure Tangerian language. [LINK FACEBOOK ACCOUNT]
Finally, Old stays always Gold.

Tangiers – The Blue & White City!

Why It is called a blue and white city indeed? There is many factors why It is called that, obviously It’s the location of Tangier in the Mediterranean sea, The blue referring to the vast wide open sea through two sides of the city, and the white referring to the pure wind and shiny sky, especially in the time prior and after the dawn where twilight is so clear giving It a really special sight across the city.

The crest of the city symbolise this two colours with an iconic image of the legendary Hercules as the legends says that He lived in the Hercules’s Cave near to Ashaqar Beach.

City’s Flag sometimes used as the crest by the people, thought there is an official Crest or Coat*
(P.s./ this crest is made by me, It is not the same as the original but It is somehow similar)

In the region same of region of Tangiers, there is a town of Chefchaouen which gives a profond iconic image of this beautiful northern area, with all houses, buildings coloured with blue and white paintings.

Chefchaouen Town
Tangiers also have a lot places covered with the two colours, but the urbain areas are growing with the high buildings whom keep spreading quickly, You can encounter the beautiful view in Tangiers in a lot of areas and neighborhoods around the city, Beni Makada, Souani, few places in M’sallah, Char Djdid…etc.

Ultras Hercules 2007 – Tangiers (Tanger or Tangier)

Moroccan’s most renowned clubs are basically Raja, Royal Team and Wydad, whom definitely have large numbers of supporters around Morocco and Mediterranean coasts, but have You even seen a Club in second division which has no trophies nor an history to brag about, has a number of supporters matches or larger than those or even in international level? It’s known as Ittihad Tangier (or Tanger) or officially under Ittihad Ryadhi Tanja (IRT) which means the Union Sportive of Tangiers.

Ultras Hercules is one of those rare occasions that you ever see in football world, with a supporters base average over than 35000 people attend in every single hosting match. Further more from our researchers there is estimated more than 400000 supporters around Tangier alone, while there is many outside the region and foreign countries which share they pictures on Instagram, Facebook and other social medias.

Hercules Tiffo

The income of the club consist over 50% of match tickets sold, so the supporters actually try to attend more effectively in order to maximize the club’s income from every match, which considered as one of the fascinating encouragement to the club Itself.

In season of 2015-2016, the attendees reached 50000, in few host matches against; Moghreb Tetouan, Fez and FUS of Rabat, which It is over capacity of the grand stadium of Batouta by more than 5000 seats.

As the club is newly in the Primera Division of the Botola League, they are doing pretty well as they are currently fighting in the 2nd and 3rd places in the Round 15, together with Wydad, FUS and the Royal Team.