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Ultras del Tánger (Dos mil tres “2003”)

One of the oldest and the top Ultras in Morocco, Mediterranean Africa and Arab world the forgotten Ultras de Tangier (Tanger)!
The main logos of the Ultras Tanger 2003
How can It be possible a legendary Ultras like this would be an history? while it’s a precious monument that everyone should cherish, personally I think the aggresive competition between ultras in Morocco trying to eliminate the old ones in ordrer to make themselves a name. Well, who doesn’t?
The legend says this “Publico” made an appearance in 2002, but the majority approved the ultras established in 2003, where there was no known ultras in Morocco, they made many appearance in big matches and on the TV, but most likely they rarely gone in away matches usually when hosted in Tangiers City.
The main characteristics of those Tangerians are the aggresivity towards everyone with no exeptions, even towards their own teams when they lose they start cursing the players, coach, the federation, the advesary… Everyone in their path, one of the dangerous Ultras ever.
The question that everyone ask, What happened to the people of this Ultras? Where are they now?
The answer is pretty weird, no one knows exactly why they disappeared, the only thing that everyone agree is that they lost interest when the team delegated to the secunda division in 2006-07, and that was the end of the story, It is to bad there is no much information about those amazing fans.
Actually, there is a hidden movement under the ground, there is a slight reaction in their pages especially on facebook, It is not really popular among the interested in those legends, not even the original people of Tangier but there is one thing for sure, and that the page is one hundred percent official. You can check it out, thought the language used is pure Tangerian language. [LINK FACEBOOK ACCOUNT]
Finally, Old stays always Gold.