Tangiers – The Blue & White City!

Why It is called a blue and white city indeed? There is many factors why It is called that, obviously It’s the location of Tangier in the Mediterranean sea, The blue referring to the vast wide open sea through two sides of the city, and the white referring to the pure wind and shiny sky, especially in the time prior and after the dawn where twilight is so clear giving It a really special sight across the city.

The crest of the city symbolise this two colours with an iconic image of the legendary Hercules as the legends says that He lived in the Hercules’s Cave near to Ashaqar Beach.

City’s Flag sometimes used as the crest by the people, thought there is an official Crest or Coat*
(P.s./ this crest is made by me, It is not the same as the original but It is somehow similar)

In the region same of region of Tangiers, there is a town of Chefchaouen which gives a profond iconic image of this beautiful northern area, with all houses, buildings coloured with blue and white paintings.

Chefchaouen Town
Tangiers also have a lot places covered with the two colours, but the urbain areas are growing with the high buildings whom keep spreading quickly, You can encounter the beautiful view in Tangiers in a lot of areas and neighborhoods around the city, Beni Makada, Souani, few places in M’sallah, Char Djdid…etc.

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